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Why you should become a Friend of EVAWQ

Did you know that individual staff and supporters from women's services and programs across the state can nominate to become a 'Friend of EVAWQ'?

How is being a Friend of EVAWQ different to being a member?

Becoming a Friend of EVAWQ is different to becoming a member. Only organisations can be financial members of EVAWQ, so the Friends of EVAWQ model was developed with the aim of expanding EVAWQ’s current membership and public support across the state.

Friends of EVAWQ will receive the EVAWQ newsletter, frequent information updates and event invitations. There is no membership fee and therefore, as they are not financial members, Friends of EVAWQ cannot vote or hold a position on the management committee, unless they become eligible to do so.

While there is no membership fee, all donations are gratefully received ~

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