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EVAWQ is the first peak in Australia to collectively represent women's health, women's refuges, women's legal, sexual violence and domestic and family violence services.

Member organisations of EVAWQ are:

  • kept up to date on issues affecting the violence against women sector;

  • sent information relevant to your organisation/sector through the secretariat (relevant to the work of EVAWQ);

  • invited to attend an annual face-to-face meeting of violence against women services;

  • part of a collective voice to advocate for policy changes.


EVAWQ membership will financially contribute to the functioning of the Secretariat. Funds held by the Secretariat will finance the expenses associated with administration costs. 


Membership fees will be sent to members annually by the Secretariat. Fees are based on the amount of funding a service receives annually.

While the intention of the peak is to involve services within the networks around the state it is not to be a ‘Network of Networks’ only. Individual networks will continue to manage their own affairs, allowing individual members and services to represent their service only.

Individuals cannot become financial members of EVAWQ but can nominate as a Friend of EVAWQ. Friends of EVAWQ will receive the EVAWQ newsletter, frequent information updates and event invitations. There is no fee, but donations are always gratefully received.

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