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The Sector's experience through COVID-19

COVID-19 has bought a range of unique challenges to our sector. It has impacted staff, the way we deliver services and the women and families who we support.

Women leaders have shone across the globe in the skilful way they have handled the pandemic and so has the women's sector.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on how beneficial the feminist approach and practices of our sector has been when faced with unique and unforeseen challenges.

Our everyday skills, the ones that we use without thinking, the ones that we embed in our organisations, have allowed us to navigate this challenging time.

It is working from a woman-centred perspective, being adaptable, collaborating, sharing knowledge and resources and working with equity and compassion for the greater good that have allowed our services to continue so successfully.

A global pandemic is no match for the strength and agility embedded in our women's organisations!

Here are some of the great ways we have adapted and succeeded:

  • We have embraced technology – phones, zoom, webex, chat platforms. We are working with women and each other in new ways and some of this will stay. Counselling, classes and groups have all been happening in virtual platforms and this has proven to be a great way to reach isolated and vulnerable women.

  • Flexible working for staff and agile leadership practices have become normal.

  • We have shared a lot!! We have shared pandemic plans, COVID policies and lots of resources and experiences.

EVAWQ acknowledges and applauds the fantastic work of all of the women's services, across each sector, for rising to the challenge of COVID-19 so brilliantly, for the benefit of keeping women and children safe in our state.

- Author Emma Iwinska in collaboration with the EVAWQ Management Committee.

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