Three Women



  • All Month: Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month. Learn more.
  • 7th May: (WHQ) Understanding Pathways to Safety: Brisbane Domestic and Family Violence Forum 2021. 

  • 13th May: (EVAWQ) Primary Prevention Conference: P.1-Register here, P.2- Register here.

  • 20 May: (WorkUP) “Our Talk” Series: Culturally Safe Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

  • 21st May: (WHQ) Introduction to Equity and Gendered Violence + Trauma and Healing. Register here.

  • 27th May: National Acknowledgement of Country- National Reconciliation Week 2021. Read more.

  • 27th May-3rd June: National Reconciliation Week 2021 - Full events calendar. Browse here.


  • 6th June: (AWAVA) Young Women's Survey closes. Take survey here.
  • 8th June: (Children by Choice) Introduction to counselling: unplanned pregnancy, reproductive coercion, contraceptive options & post-abortion. Register here.
  • 8th June: (Our Watch) Part 1 Webinar: Men and masculinities in preventing violence against women. Register here.
  • 9th June: (Our Watch) Part 2 Discussion forum: Men & masculinities in preventing violence against women. Register here.
  • 14th June: (QCOSS) What was the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns on women and children? Register here.
  • 17th June: (QCOSS) DFV Organisational Policy – More than just leave. Register here.
  • 18th June: (QCOSS) 2021 State Budget Breakfast. Learn more.
  • 21st June: (ANROWS) “Sex Ed”: Young people, consent and the Australian curriculum. Register here.
  • 28th June: (WorkUP) Foundations of Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Work Practices. Register here.
  • 29th June: (QCOSS) Human Rights in Action: Coercive Control. Register here.


  • 4th – 11th July: NAIDOC week. Learn more.
  • 8th July: Australian Curriculum Review Consultation due. Learn more.
  • 9th July: Women's Safety Justice Taskforce Submission due. Learn more.
  • 9th July: (Body Safety Australia) Flourish: Wellbeing and Welfare on Education. Register here.
  • 16th July: (WHQ) Introduction to Primary Prevention and Workshop. Register here.
  • 23rd July: (WHQ) Gendered Violence: One-Day Foundational Course. Register here.
  • 30th July: (WorkUP) Daring, Inclusive, Feminist Leadership Training. Register here.
  • 31st July: National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children submission due. Learn more.


  • 17th August: (WorkUP) Strangulation, Sexual Violence, Separation & Stalking: Beyond the Basics. Register here.
  • 23rd August: (CBC) Intersection of Unplanned Pregnancy, DFV, Reproductive Coercion and Contraception Options. Learn more.


  • All month: International Gynaecological Cancer Awareness month. Learn more.
  • 2nd-3rd September:  Queensland Safe & Together Model Implementation Summit. 
  • 3rd-4th September: (WHQ) Community Ally North-side Workshop. Learn more.
  • 6th-10th September: Women’s Health Week. Learn more.
  • 7th September: (WHQ) Introduction to Gendered Violence, Trauma and Healing-Informed Practice. Register here.

  • 10th-11th September: (WHQ) Community Ally South-side Workshop. Learn more.
  • 17th September: (WHQ) Introduction to Primary Prevention and Workshop. Register here.
  • September 20th & 27th: (CBC) Introduction to Reproductive Coercion, Contraception Options and Applied Practice. Learn more.
  • September 28th: International Safe Abortion Day Webinar. Register here.
  • September 30th: HPV + Me Campaign Launch. Register here.


  • All Month: Sexual Violence Awareness (SVA) Month. Learn more.'
  • October 7th: Youth Forum for a new Queensland Women's Strategy. Register here.
  • October 8th: Consultation for Women's Health Strategy closes. Learn more.
  • October 11th: (WWILD) Intellectual Disability and Sexual Abuse: Responding to Disclosures. Register here.
  • October 14th: (CBC) Introduction to Post-Abortion Counselling. Register here.
  • October 15th:  Brisbane Mental Health Expo 2021. Learn more.
  • October 19th: (SANDBAG) Navigating Mental Health System & NDIS info session. Book 3869 3244.
  • October 19th: SVAM Campaign by NSAAN and NAADV launch. RVSP here.
  • October 21st: (Northside Connect) Income security info session. Book 3260 6820.
  • October 26th: (The Community Place) Navigating Mental Health System & NDIS info session. Book 3857 1152.
  • October 26th: (WHV) Safe & Supported: Responding to Disclosures. Register here.
  • October 27th: (WHQ) Introductory modules on Gendered Violence: 3 Week course start. Register here.
  • October 27th: (Picadeen CC) Navigating Mental Health System, NDIS & Income Security info session. Book 3354 2555.
  • October 29th: (AHRC) Kep Enderby Memorial Lecture: Embracing Cultural Diversity in Australia. Register here.


  • 4th November: (Zillmere CC) Navigating Mental Health System info session. Book 3865 2880.

  • 10th November: EVAWQ Annual General Meeting. Become a Member.

  • 20th November: Transgender Day of Remembrance. Learn more.

  • 25th- 10th December: 16 Days of Activism. Learn more.