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Ending Violence Against Women Queensland (EVAWQ), alongside other Queensland domestic, family and sexual violence specialists, have launched a campaign for action to significantly increase frontline service funding ahead of the October 2024 Queensland election. 

We acknowledge and appreciate the recent investments in initiatives by the Queensland Government. This 20% boost funding to the domestic, family, and sexual violence frontline services, amounting to $36 million next financial year, is very welcome. However, the governments own data review found that services across the state were underfunded by at least 30% two years ago. 


Enough is enough. That’s why we are pleading with you to hear our voice now. 

Our urgent plea: We need an additional $300 million per year to address these issues and make sure help is available when it’s needed:

  1. Strengthening the specialist domestic violence sector: With increased funding, we can enhance the capacity of frontline services to effectively respond to the needs of victims and survivors.

  2. Growing and retaining a skilled workforce: Adequate funding is crucial for recruiting and retaining qualified professionals who play a pivotal role in supporting individuals affected by domestic and family violence.

  3. Investing in First Nations communities and initiatives: We recognise the importance of culturally sensitive support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and advocate for targeted investment in programs tailored to their specific needs.

We urge the government to prioritise these critical needs in the upcoming State budget. Queensland women, children, and men deserve access to the specialist support they need to live free from violence and abuse.

We stand ready to collaborate with you to create a safer future for all.

Your organisational support will be displayed on our website, and you will be kept up to date with information and actions
Our Supporters:

Brisbane Domestic Violence Service
Domestic Violence Action Centre
Women's Health and Equality Queensland​

Women's Legal Service Queensland 
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